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Our Products

We offer a range of shutter, cases, screens, and door solutions to protect critical access points and product displays in your building.

Product Customization

Colors, perforation, and automation—all are options with ShutterSecure Cannabis. We provide a range of customization with each of our products, including custom colors based on your unique brand colors. Contact us today to find the best fit for your needs and look.



Control Options

Automation/ App Control


Choose from 7 standard available colors or your own unique brand color on almost all of our security shutters and security screens.


With two perforation options, you decide how visible the interior of your location is from the outside.

Control Options

Take control of your security with any of our control options.

Automation/ App Control

The ultimate innovation. Use the Somfy app to control your security shutters with a tap on your phone.

Perforated Shutters

Perforated aluminum shutters provide security with visibility. The shutter is designed to allow customers to view the storefront or merchandise while keeping burglars out.

Solid Shutters

Solid aluminum security shutters create a visual and physical security barrier to protect your business against intruders and extreme weather. When rolling shutters are in the closed position, they are virtually indestructible. When the store is open, the rolling shutters disappear into a color-matched box housing. Solid aluminum shutters reduce break-ins and virtually eliminate the threat of smash and grabs. Solid aluminum shutters also provide extra insulation, helping to reduce energy costs.


ProductSafe® security cases are designed to protect valuable merchandise from theft. Steel cases with roll down protection are easy to use and easy to secure. When open, the security door is completely out of sight. Cases can be used standalone or built into merchandising walls to provide added protection.

ProductSafe® Cases—Retail Floor

Time Delay Lock and Case—Back-of-store

ProductSafe® Cases—Retail Floor

ProductSafe® Cases—Retail Floor

ProductSafe® Cases—Retail Floor


Security without sacrificing architectural building and design. Security screens keep a low profile and while still protecting vulnerable window openings. Screens offer protection from most rocks, bricks, knives, and crowbars while still allowing for ventilation and visibility.

ShutterSecure—Products-Screens-Theft Prevention

Stainless Steel Security Screens for Windows and Vents in industrial environments.

Security Screens open on the side of a building

Stainless Steel Security Screens

Security Screens
Security Screens on exterior opening

Back Door Solutions

Your back-of-store is often where the highest value of inventory is stored. ShutterSecure Cannabis provides customized, high-security cases for both inventory and retail floors, often supplemented with time-delay locks to prevent burglary and robbery attempts.