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We have the products, the service, and the know-how to protect your business from burglaries.

Don’t Be A Burglary Statistic

Security shutters are one of the strongest defenses against break-ins and theft. When the rolling shutters are in position, burglars can no longer easily break-in, protecting you from loss of product, money, and peace of mind.

1 IN 2

cannabis dispensaries were robbed or burglarized with the average thief walking away with $20,000–$50,000 of product.*

Thieves Typically Walk Away With:

Cannabis Dispensaries
Convenient Stores

95% Reduction

in Burglary Attempts when Using ShutterSecure Shutters

Leading Product Performance

What We Protect Against:


with sledgehammers or similar large tools that break window and door glass

Leveraged Pressure

using crowbars to pry an opening for easy access. Entry doors are easily breached without ShutterSecure Rolling Shutters.


through kicking, throwing rocks or other projectiles, enabling entry to the sales floor.

24/7 Service Center

With 35,000 facilities protected in the USA, we have the experience to help you select the best protection products, and the resources to help you with any shutter service you may require. Our service staff really does sleep with a phone on their nightstand-24 hour emergency service.

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Broad Range of Protection Solutions

We offer a variety of products to meet your specific security needs. From exteriors door shutters to retail floor shuttered cases to security stainless steel screens for your windows, together, we can establish the best protection for you location and lower your risk of being burglarized.

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Clear Polycarbonate Security Shutters-Transparol
Security Shutters
Clear Polycarbonate Security Shutters-LX6
Dispensary Counter with secure cabinets
Retail Floor Dispensary Security-Cases
Pharmacy Solutions
Storefront Security Shutters
Retail Security Solutions
Secure cabinets with rolling shutters
Secure Cabinets
Solid Shutters
Perforated shutters behind storefront door
Public Entrance
Security case with interior doors
Cases with Interior Doors
Integrated Retail Floor Product Security
Perforated Front of Store Security Shutters
95% Reduction in Burglary Attempts when ShutterSecured
Front-Middle-Back of Store Protection from ShutterSecure

Satisfying our Customers

They’ve been with us for a long time. They’ve been good partners. We’re very excited to continue with them.