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Downloads & FAQs

How much do they cost?

Since each product is custom made for your location and has a variety of customizations, prices will vary. In order for us to accurately provide a quote, we recommend sending us a photo (or three) of your location via the contact form. From there, a ShutterSecure team member will be in contact with you shortly with product suggestions.

Do you do the installation as well?

We have a network of installers throughout the USA; as our parent company, QMI, has shutters in nearly every national pharmacy chain store and national cellular retailer in every state.  Depending on your location, we will determine the best and most cost-effective way to install protection products at your facility.

Are they guaranteed to work?

Our products are designed to severely slow any burglary attack.  No product is completely impenetrable if given unlimited time to breach.  Please read the “Layers of Protection” article in the Brochure and Article section of this website as it covers in more detail the importance of alarms, alarm sensors, and “starting the stop clock” on would-be burglars.  Our national retailers have reported that having ShutterSecure security shutters reduces burglary attempts by 95%.

Are they easy to operate?

For 35 years, we have continued to improve our product’s performance, both operationally and security related. Our manual shutters have weight assist torsion springs inside the top drive tube to offset the weight of the shutter curtain when manually operated. We also have motorized shutters that can be operated remotely by a cell phone app too. There are egress/fire codes to consider, which may affect the allowable operation and whether the shutter is mounted on the interior or exterior. Your ShutterSecure Cannabis salesperson is well trained to help you select the right product.

How will they look?

Our tagline is “security with vision.” Our goal is that during the day, the shutters roll up into the industry’s smallest top box and customers never notice them. At night, the perforated security shutters and security screens enable viewing into the store (with lights on) all night long. Law enforcement also prefers our vision products, as they can still see inside if responding to an alarm. Lastly, landlords are accepting 99% of the time with a vision product and may reject a request for solid gates or bars.

How do I get a quote?

Please submit some photos of the openings to protect via the contact us form on this website. We will get back to you within 1 business day to discuss options, costs, and next steps with you.

Where are you located?

ShutterSecure covers the entire USA and has a network of installers across all states.  Our manufacturing location is in Itasca, Illinois, just west of Chicago.  We are in the central time zone.  Our business hours are M-F 8am till 5pm CST.  800-446-2500-ask for cannabis specialists: Tom, Sean, or Jarret.